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I’ve been looking for the water which my family can drink without any anxiety as our daily diet for health, especially my elementary school kids’.
Shinano Yusui is made by the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with ISO and FSSC, and is “Made in Japan” quality real natural spring water.
So now I’m very relieved with this high quality water.
Moreover, it tastes so good!
(female in 30’s)

I have a baby.
Somehow, I wanted to make milk with the highest quality water for him.
Also, I heard that an excess of mineral intake by water of milk is stressful for the baby's body and may lead to an upset stomach.
My friend told me about Shinano Yusui, high quality water from Japan and ultra-soft water with hardness-level of 16.
Now I’m sure that Shinano Yusui is the one I wanted!
(female in 20’s) 

Daily drinking water for my family should be safe and reliable.
But the news!
News about foods and beverages in various countries make me so anxious.
I feel relieved with this water made by the listed and major water-delivery company in Japan.
Also, I really enjoy the refreshing taste of Japanese natural spring water!
(female in 40’s)

I haven’t drunk local home-delivery water.
I used to buy the water imported from Japan at Japanese XX supermarket or YY department store.
Shinano Yusui, imported from Japan, is delivered to my doorstep on the same day of the order on the website. Really convenient!
(female in 40’s)

A bit surprise for me to hear about many kinds of home-delivery water and bottled water sold in Bangkok, such as distilled water made from tap water and artificially mineralized distilled water etc.
Lucky me!  
I found the real natural spring water made in Japan.
(female in 30’s) 

My daily water was 19-litre bottled water of home-delivery before. That means actually I had to lift up 20kg! Too heavy for me, such a little tiny woman, isn’t it? 8-litre is the max weight for me.
Besides, after opened, many days to finish 19-litre. So I was worried water going rotten. 8-litre Shinano Yusui can be finished in a few days.
Also the stylish bottle and box of Shinano Yusui fit the interior of my room.
(female in 20’s)

My hometown is countryside of Japan, surrounded by deep mountains.
Taste of Shinano Yusui reminds me the water in my hometown.
It’s something nostalgic.
Maybe because it also comes from the deep mountains of Japanese Northern Alps.
Shinano Yusui, the genuine spring water from Japanese Mother Nature, brings the genuine taste and flavor of Japanese rice and soup stock for cooking.
(female in 50’s)

I don’t like the water containing mineral at high level very much.
So I pounced Shinano Yusui upon coming to know this refreshing ultra-soft water.
No strong distinct flavour. Even feeling a little sweetness.
Now I don’t drink any other mineral water but Shinano Yusui!
(female in 50’s)

When living in Tokyo, my family drank “alpina” water made by Toell.
After moved to Singapore, we drank Shinano Yusui exported by Toell.
Here in Bangkok, surprised to meet Shinano Yusui again by the internet search.
I want my family to drink this safe and delicious water in every city and every country wherever we live.
(male in 40’s)

My heavy chore every weekend was buying dozens of bottled-waters for my family.
So the home-delivery service helps me a lot.
Also, bottle size of Shinano Yusui is easy to lift and exchange.
No need to return empty bottles. No headache in finding a space for them.
Many advantages!
(male in 30’s)

I highly appreciate the policy offering the almost same price as in Japan.
I work for a food-trading company. So I understand that it still needs a lot of effort to make this amazing price possible although delivery costs and warehouse charge are cheaper than Japan.
(male in 50’s)


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