FAQ - About Shinano Yusui

What is the water source of Shinano Yusui like ?

The Japanese Northern Alps, known as “the roof of Japan,” remain snowcapped until midsummer, and you can find close to half of all the 3000m-level mountains of the country in this area. Shinano Yusui’s raw water comes from the spring of the “Yazawa water source” at an elevation of 1220m in the Japanese Northern Alps, and it is considered one of the best water sources in the country. One needs mountain climbing equipment to enter such a trackless region. The exporter Toell Co., Ltd. built and connected a pipeline to Omachi factory near the source in order to provide our customers with this incredible natural spring water.

Nothing surrounds Omachi factory which is essential. There are hardly any traces of human activity such as houses or other factories, and this means that the surrounding environment remains natural. Also, downstream from the factory is an area famous for its numerous “wasabi (Japanese horseradish)” fields. Seeing that “wasabi” only grows well in abundant pure water, you can imagine the quality of water further upstream, which is the water source of Shinano Yusui.

What is the difference between “natural spring water,” “distilled water” and “mineral water” ?

Water provided in Bangkok is often either “distilled water” made from tap water or “mineral water” which is artificially mineralized distilled water. Shinano Yusui is “natural ‘spring' water” which is derived from the natural spring where melted snow is filtered over the years through volcanic rock and sand from the 3000m-level mountain ranges of the Japanese Northern Alps. In other areas of the world inclusive of Southeast Asia, it is said that “natural spring water” is highly valued as the blessings of nature.
The “Natural Spring Water Certificate” has been issued by the Mayor of water source region for Shinano Yusui.

What are the water constituents? Is it ultra-soft water ?

Shinano Yusui is ultra-soft water of hardness level 16 containing an ideal balance of natural minerals. The ultra-soft water of hardness level 16 gives Shinano Yusui the refreshing and smooth taste.

Tell us the secret behind achieving the same pricing as Japan.

Shinano Yusui is distributed under the strong conviction that “if we truly provide the best product at the most fair price, our customers will appreciate this reasoning.” Please try comparing our water to other imported water prices. We take pride in the fact that Shinano Yusui is the only brand that offers the “fine quality” at a “fair price.” Through the collaborative efforts of exporter Toell Co., Ltd. and importer/distributor SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. this amazing price was made possible.

Reason 1: Consistent production in one of the largest factories in Japan
Our fully automated factory is one of the largest in Japan, with a constant stream of bottle production and capable of a maximum output of 15 million bottles a year. Our cutting-edge and fully automated factory allows as little human contact as possible within the process and integrated production in one large factory instead of dispersing production between scattered small factories. We are therefore able to greatly cut down on facility and manpower costs.

Reason 2: Utilizing SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd.'s existing infrastructure
To avoid outsourcing operations, we utilize the existing infrastructure of SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd., one of the largest distributors of Japonica rice in Bangkok. We first made full use of the company’s warehouse to reduce the storage cost significantly. Furthermore, by using the existing consummate home-delivery network of SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd., we managed to cut down delivery cost substantially.

Reason 3: Promotion by word of mouth
We are cutting cost for advertisement. Instead, we value the spread by the word of mouth from customers who enjoy our Shinano Yusui.

Tell us about the manufacturing factory facility and inspections. I heard that you are ISO22000 and FSSC22000 certified ?

We take pride in our state-of-the-art facility and our rigorous inspection procedures. Nagano prefecture Omachi factory is fully automated and is one of the largest factories in Japan with the maximum production out put of 15 million bottles per year. The bottles in the production line are without human intervention from the bottling process all the way to the capping and sealing process. The products are manufactured and shipped under a thorough quality control system. Everything is processed in a clean room that is of a standard in line with leading electronic industries. The bottles manufactured at the same period are not permitted to ship out unless all the bottles have passed the strict inspection process.

Also, Alps Water Co., Ltd. (Toell's 100% subsidiary company) the manufacturing company of Shinano Yusui is the first in Japan's home-delivery water business obtained international standards addressing food safety management system, ISO22000 and FSSC22000 certifications. The high quality and standards of the products manufactured here were thus ensured.

What kind of quality inspection is being done ?

Besides the periodic inspections regulated by the laws of Japan and countries where Shinano Yusui is being distributed, the products undergo 48-hour cultivation tests and only products have shown the results with absence of bacteria, favorable results for PH, electric conductivities, smells and taste are permitted to ship out.

Is it heat-treated ?

No it isn’t. If it is heat-treated, there is a possibility that the water quality of the natural spring water will change.
We are able to offer the natural taste of spring water without heat treatment.

Is there a possibility of radioactive materials in the water ?

The manufacturing company (subsidiary of Toell Co., Ltd.) of Shinano Yusui has been continuing stringent monthly inspections by an institution registered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. Please rest assured that the test results, from March 2011 until now, have shown no signs of radioactive materials in the raw water. For details, please check here.

I heard that ultra-soft water is great for baby's milk, is this true ?

Yes. Because the infant's kidneys are sensitive, it has been said that an excess of mineral intake is stressful for the baby's body and may lead to an upset stomach or cause fever. Major infant-milk manufacturing companies have suggested that to use water with small amounts of minerals for formula milk. Ultra-soft water Shinano Yusui is thought to be ideal.

Also, Alps Water Co., Ltd. (Toell's 100% subsidiary company) the manufacturing company of Shinano Yusui is the first in Japan's home-delivery water business obtained international standards addressing food safety management system, ISO22000 and FSSC22000 certifications. The products are safely and securely manufactured using our state-of-the-art facility. We have confidence that we are able to provide infants and mothers with water that is not only totally free of bacteria and impurities but also thoroughly safe from radioactive contamination.

Will it be good for cooking Japanese rice or soup stock? How about tea or coffee?

Shinano Yusui is also excellent for cooking Japanese rice, giving rice a delicious shine and tenderness, as well as bringing out its original stickiness and flavour.
You might have heard from food critics that when rice is cooked with tap water, there is a distinct tap water smell and the hard water gives it a dry texture. Our water is perfect for making soup stock for Japanese cuisine. It is also recommended for making coffee, tea or with whisky.

Is it safe for pets ?

Yes. As it is safe for infants, our ultra-soft water Shinano Yusui is safe and secure for your pets, including dogs and cats.

How long is the best before period of the product?

Unopened bottles have a best before period of one and half years after the manufacturing date. The best before date is written on the cap. After it has been opened and placed on the dispenser, please consume the water as early as possible.

What are we supposed to do with the empty bottles?

The empty bottles and the cap can be disposed of as plastic garbage, and the empty box can be disposed of as cardboard garbage. Empty bottles are not collected and reused. That is why our water is truly clean and hygienic.

Are there other bottle sizes other than 8 litres ?

8 litres is the only size available. With the 8-litre bottles being a lot lighter in weight than the 12-litre or 19-litre (5 gallons) bottles, it is therefore easier to exchange the bottles.

What do I need to be careful of when storing the product ?

Please store the bottles in a place that is not under direct sunlight and where the temperature does not rise too high.

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