FAQ - About contract, order and delivery 

How do I pay ?

The package price shall be paid by cash on the first delivery day or by the bank transfer before the first delivery day. From the second delivery onwards, the number of boxes delivered shall be exchanged for the vouchers.

About how much water does an average household drink in one month ?

This greatly depends on your lifestyle, number of people in the family and whether you use water for cooking as well. If the water is only for drinking, a married couple consumes around 6~7 of 8-litre bottles.

I am usually away from home on weekdays. Do you have an option of delivery to leave the bottles at my doorstep when I am not home ?

It is undesirable to leave the delivering items to be left unattended from the point of view that the items could get lost. However, if such request is based on all of the following reasons such as "the house is well secured," "there is no restrictions concerning management of the apartment," "SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. is exempted from liability for any loss or damage of boxes and bottles," and "unavoidably," we may comply with your request.

If I am receiving the boxes while I am away, how am I going to pass the voucher to you ?

Please consult SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. in advance on this matter.

If the boxes are left at my doorstep while I am away, wouldn't the boxes get wet during sudden rain ?

We will try our best to find a spot where the boxes will not get wet, but please understand the circumstances that there is a possibility of boxes get some rain. Please note that even if the boxes are wet, it does not affect the water itself.

I am going to move within Bangkok. I would like to continue my contract, but what should I do ?

Please let SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. know your new address. You can continue with your current contract and use the vouchers.

Can I sample Shinano Yusui ?

Yes, you can try Shinano Yusui through the “Trial Package.” Please understand that we do not carry small PET bottles for tasting.

Getting started “Shinano Yusui”