Natural spring water / What is Shinano Yusui?

  1. "Natural spring water” with high rarity value

    The Japanese Northern Alps range is often called "the roof of Japan." A series of 3000m-high mountain ranges where abundant snowfall is naturally filtered over the years passing through volcanic rocks such as basalt, granite and sand. This creates a number of famous springs, making this region one of the best water sources in Japan. Shinano Yusui's raw water is from one of such springs.

    From the mountainside of the Japanese Northern Alps, the “Yazawa water source,” at an elevation of 1220m, gives birth to pure 100% certifiable “Natural Spring Water.” Because it is not heat-treated, the undisturbed taste of Mother Nature is delivered to you. The “Natural Spring Water Certificate” has been issued by the Mayor of the water source region.

  2. “Ultra-soft water” is perfect for baby's powder milk and Japanese rice

    Japanese are more accustomed to ultra-soft water of hardness level 16, and Shinano Yusui contains an ideal balance of natural minerals with a refreshing and smooth taste. People who have tasted the water are saying how delicious it is!
    We have received high praise from households especially from families with babies. Because the infant's kidneys are sensitive, it has been said that an excess of mineral intake is stressful for the baby's body and may lead to an upset stomach or cause fever. Ultra-soft water is perfect for making baby's powder milk.

    In addition, the products are bottled under strict hygiene management guaranteed by ISO22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications (the first in Japan's home-delivery water business), together with stringent monthly inspections for radioactive substances by an institution registered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan, it is safe for babies and expectant mothers to drink.

    The water is also excellent for cooking Japanese rice, giving rice a delicious shine and tenderness, as well as bringing out its original stickiness and flavour (when cooked with tap water, there is a distinct tap-water smell and the hard water gives it a dry texture). When using Shinano Yusui making soup stock in Japanese cuisine, the flavours of the individual ingredients are brought out. It is also recommended for making coffee, tea or with whisky.

  3. ”Fine quality” and yet “amazing per litre unit price”

    This natural spring water with a high rarity value and the fully automated state-of-the-art facility together with ISO22000 and FSSC22000 certified hygiene management system makes Shinano Yusui such a secure, safe and delicious water of “top quality.”

    With strong conviction to “deliver the best products at the most fair price,” we were able to make this per litre unit price possible by utilizing the storage space and delivery network of SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. and by valuing promotion through word of mouth to lower overall costs. SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd.distributes Japonica rice, well-known as the brand of “Komeya no Kome”, broadly delivers it to households and sells it to famous restaurants etc.

    Try comparing the price with other types of water imported from Japan and Europe. We are confident that Shinano Yusui is the only brand that can offer this quality with this price. Our mission is to provide satisfaction "earnestly and sincerely” to many people for many years to come.

Information & news

Announcement of radioactivity inspection results

Since the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the manufacturer of Shinano Yusui has been carrying out stringent monthly inspections. All of the test results are posted on the website, proving our products are completely clear of radioactive contamination. For details, please check here.

Message from Shinano Yusui

A message from Shinano Yusui: Earnestly and sincerely providing satisfaction
Shinano Yusui delivers the “fine quality” natural spring water from the Japanese Northern Alps at the same “fair price” as in Japan, with proper “service system” to our customers. We will “provide satisfaction earnestly and sincerely” to be loved by our customers for years to come.

Fine quality
Along the mountainside of “the roof of Japan” Japanese Northern Alps, natural spring water flows out from the trackless, 1220m-elevated “Yazawa water source.” Sanitation is thoroughly managed through the fully automated state-of-the-art facility with numerous layers of filtration and bottled without human intervention in a clean room that has the standard of leading electronic industries. We are the first in Japan's home-delivery water business obtained ISO22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications. Shinano Yusui takes pride in providing top quality.

Our focus was to be able to provide our products to as many people as possible when setting the price, and did all we could to reduce costs to achieve the goal price. Shinano Yusui has the motto “if we truly provide the best products at the most fair price, our customers will appreciate this reasoning.”

Service System
New customers can easily register online. Orders for delivery are also easy. Shinano Yusui is determined to keep improving the services for your satisfaction.