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1.Outline of services

1. New registration
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2. First delivery

Specify the date and time for the first delivery on this website.

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3. Second delivery onwards

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4. Water dispenser

Purchase a water dispenser at an electronics store or an online shop.

Although many dispensers sold throughout the world are compatible with Japanese standard of the bottle insert size, we recommend that you bring an empty Shinano Yusui bottle along to make sure it will fit in the dispenser you are planning to purchase.
There are many different types of dispensers, ranging from dispensers that can perform both heating and cooling, or simply serve at room temperature.

In fact, in the view of its past actual circumstances of repair and maintenance services in the Bangkok market, purchasing an inexpensive room temperature dispenser is perhaps one of the better options. Should you purchase a simple room temperature dispenser, you can drink cold water by pouring Shinano Yusui water into clean empty bottles and refrigerate them. This way, you can save the cost of electricity. It may require a little effort, but you can boil Shinano Yusui in a kettle. For cooking, just pour Shinano Yusui straight into a pan.

5. Empty bottles

Shinano Yusui bottles are one-way bottles.

Because the bottles are not collected to be reused, they are more hygienic.
The empty bottles are to be disposed according to the plastic garbage regulations of the area.



2. The secrets of the price

The secret behind the same pricing as Japan

Shinano Yusui is distributed under the strong conviction that “if we truly provide the best product at the most fair price, our customers will appreciate this reasoning.” Please try comparing our water to other imported water prices. We take pride in the fact that Shinano Yusui is the only brand that offers the “fine quality” at a “fair price.” Through the collaborative efforts of exporter Toell Co., Ltd. and importer/distributor SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd. this amazing price was made possible.

Reason 1: Consistent production in one of the largest factories in Japan

Our factory is one of the largest cutting-edge and fully automated factories in Japan, with a constant stream of bottle production and capable of a maximum output of 15 million bottles a year. Our factory allows as little human contact as possible within the process and integrated production in one large factory instead of dispersing production between scattered small factories. We are therefore able to greatly cut down on facility and manpower costs.

Reason 2: Utilizing SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd.'s existing infrastructure

To avoid outsourcing operations, we utilize the existing infrastructure of SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd., one of the largest distributors of Japonica rice in Bangkok. We first made full use of the company’s warehouse to reduce the storage cost significantly. Furthermore, by using the existing consummate home-delivery network of SIAM CITY MART Co., Ltd., we managed to cut down delivery cost substantially.

SIAM CITY MART Co.,Ltd.distributes Japonica rice, well-known as the brand of “Komeya no Kome”, broadly delivers it to households and sells it to famous restaurants etc.

Reason 3: Promotion by word of mouth
We are cutting cost for advertisement as well. Instead, we value the spread by the word of mouth from customers who enjoy our Shinano Yusui.

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